French Grand Prix Poster : Reims 1966

2-3 July 1966 - Poster artwork by Beligond
This Formula One race was held at Reims on July 3, 1966. It was the '60th Anniversary race' of Grand Prix racing, which had started with the GP of France in 1906.Jim Clark was a non-starter, recovering from an accident after he was hit in the eye by a bird during practice.

Qualifying was firmly in the hands of Ferrari and especially Lorenzo Bandini with a pole set at 2:07.8 in his 3-litre 312/66. After the start, Bandini duly led, with Jack Brabham in his BT19 - which had a bit less straightline speed - following in his slipstream for a while. Mike Parkes, who had taken over at Ferrari from John Surtees acquitted himself well, duelling with Graham Hill for third place, becoming second when Hill's camshaft broke.

When Bandini had to retire due to a broken throttle linkage, Brabham took 1st place at the finish - his first win since the 1960 Portuguese Grand Prix and the first driver to win a championship Grand Prix in his own car.
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