53rd Monaco F1 Grand Prix Poster : 1995

25-28 May 1995
The 1995 poster has Michael Schumacher in the No5 1994 Benetton - by the 1995 season had started Schumacher was World Champion and had the No 1 car. He went on to win the 1995 race.
Available Frame Colours
Choose one of the six available colours for your frame - see website "Info" page for full description and images.
Floater Framed Poster
Giclee art print bonded with an overlay film onto foam board then mounted into a floater frame available in 6 colours. There is no glass, no reflections, safer shipping.
40cm x 60cmAvailable£119.00BUY
50cm x 75cmAvailable£149.00BUY
60cm x 90cmAvailable£199.00BUY
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